Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello from Jim Noethe at Lakeside Feeders. It has been a long time since I have written an article due to our website not working and trying to get someone to update it. Well BJ got it going for us so we can try to stay in contact more often.

Market hog: This has been the most disappointing market I have seen in my career. I have felt as well as my contacts that the market would be on the move in March and April. But with the financial markets in distress it took all the goody out of the market. Tight credit has and will put a damper on all parts of the livestock business. Swine flu is another story and I will not go there. This is a market and it will come back.

Last week sales were: $43.25 live

Feeder pigs: This market has been crashing along with the Board. There is still a few guys paying too much but the majority of the producers I talk to are bidding lower. You need to watch the break-even price and bid accordingly but that isn't easy when the markets are falling.

Last weeks prices: SEW's--$17 to $25 per head delivered Feeder Pigs--$43 to $52 on a 40 lb. base

Feeds: Corn looks like it is stuck in the mid to upper $3's and meal in the lower $300's. I have been advised to stay out of this market and buy as we go.

In Summary: It has been a tough market for everyone. Just stay in the game and it will come back. Also take a break this Mother's Day weekend and give your mother, wife or girlfriend a hug and do something special for her.

Hang in there!!

Jim Noethe

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